• Compatible with XP200, XP250, XP200E, XP250E, XP450A, XP450AE, XP500IES, XA250
  • Available in hi-vis or silver 
  • Increased visibility 
  • Note: Stickers do not come applied to helmet 
17-23001 810001795320
17-23002 810001795337

Customize your safety helmet and ensure visibility on the job

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Increased visibility

Four separate reflective stickers help ensure visibility on the job site, keeping you and your team safer – and seen – on the job.

Customize your safety helmet

Stickers give you the option to customize your safety helmet, ensuring your employees' equipment matches your corporate identity.


Simply place the reflective sticker set where appropriate on the safety helmet, no curing needed.

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Ceros® safety helmet brochure

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