NRR 27 dB
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 27 dB, CSA Class A(L)
  • Oval shaped to match the opening of the ear canal
  • High-density, slow expanding PU foam for premium comfort and fit
  • Ergonomic pins, marked left and right with thumb indentations, ensure correct insertion and optimum fit
  • Pins allow for hygienic insertion and removal of the earplugs
  • Easy-to-fit replacement earplugs prolong the life of the product
  • Comes in quantities of 48 pairs enclosed in a hygienic plastic pack per box, 250 replacement pairs per refill box, or 400 loose pairs per refill box
  • Please note: simpleFit® disposable earplugs are designed to be worn with ergonomic paddles. Do not attempt to insert simpleFit® earplugs without them.
  • Learn more about HexArmor® hearing protection technologies here
  • See how HexArmor® hearing protection is an eco-friendly solution 
One Size 18-14001 810001798581

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Adjustable cord

Adjustable cord allows personalized fit and easy access to earplugs when needed.

The perfect fit – fast

Ergonomically-shaped guides create an exact, secure, and hygienic fit – even with gloves on.

Customized, low-pressure fit

Premium high-density foam takes over two minutes to fully expand once rolled down.

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Hearing safety brochure

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