For over a decade, HexArmor has been redefining the hand safety market with high performance products designed with proprietary technology that has eliminated millions of hand injuries worldwide. When our customers asked us for solutions beyond hand safety, we began to seek an innovative partner who shares our values, is a leader in the market, and has impacted the PPE industry in the same way we have.

Today marks the official announcement of HexArmor’s joint venture with German-based uvex Winter Holding, parent of the uvex safety group, immediately expanding HexArmor’s portfolio of industry-leading Personal Protective Equipment in the Americas.

HexArmor President and CEO Steve VanErmen comments; "The synergies are significant, HexArmor is built on innovation, leadership, premium protection and differentiation. Our focus is to bring the best products to the market to protect people. The mission of uvex Winter Holding has always been protecting people. They have a 90-year track record of success, and have a portfolio of advanced products previously unavailable in North and South America. As a family-owned business for over 90 years, they have built a powerful culture of innovation and sustainability. Their design expertise and manufacturing competence set trends in the PPE sector. These new products Made in Germany will further differentiate HexArmor from the rest of the market."

Established in 1926, uvex Winter Holding is globally known for its leading role in the market and its innovation in safety. Since selling their US-based safety subsidiary in Smithfield, Rhode Island and the "uvex" brand rights in 1994, uvex Winter Holding has been absent from the safety market in the Americas. From that point on, the two organizations, one in Smithfield, RI and one in Fuerth, Germany, evolved in different directions. 

"After an absence of more than 20 years, the partnership with HexArmor clearly signals the return of the uvex safety group to the American safety products marketplace," said Stefan Brueck, CEO of uvex safety group. "HexArmor is a trusted advisor to safety professionals and workers across North America. The HexArmor brand represents innovation and high-performance in hand protection, a perfect platform for the uvex safety group in the Americas. Additionally, their track record of growth, even through the market events of the past two years, is quite impressive."

HexArmor is excited to expand our PPE portfolio and bring new and innovative products to the North American market. There will be no changes in leadership, personnel or culture at HexArmor. HexArmor will continue its unwavering commitment to safety-focused innovation. Customers may anticipate many new offerings from both HexArmor and uvex safety group in the coming months. uvex safety group’s innovative products, including eye, head and hand protection, will be sold under the HexArmor brand in the Americas, while HexArmor’s high-tech hand, arm and body protection will be sold by the uvex safety group in certain markets in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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