Get a grip

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration with grip selection – not only dexterity, comfort, and durability – but the environment that you’re going to be in and the type of work you’re doing.

Not sure where to start? HexArmor® can help.


From dry conditions to wet or oily, grips have a dramatic effect on a glove’s safety and effectiveness and can make or break a worker’s productivity. The more control a grip can provide, the more benefits it can bring – including decreased hand-related injuries.

Helix® grip options

Helix® series gloves offer a wide variety of grip options to provide users with the appropriate grip for the task at hand. HexArmor® has you covered for any working condition. We're constantly researching and testing new formulas and application methods to maximize grip and function, helping workers redefine safety at their worksite.


Natural wrinkle rubber latex

Flat nitrile

Sandy nitrile

Foam nitrile

Micro foam nitrile

Xtra Grip (XG) foam nitrile

Neoprene foam

Silicone Xtra Grip (SXG) foam silicone

Soft grip nitrile

PrimeSoft nitrile

PrimeFoam nitrile

Aqua-polymer foam nitrile

Foam nitrile

Sponge coating (chemically formulated) is softer and more flexible than flat nitrile.

Foam nitrile

Sponge coating (chemically formulated) is softer and more flexible than flat nitrile.

Mechanic’s style grips

HexArmor® offers a variety of specialized and proprietary grip materials for heavier industrial work. While some grips are superior to others in certain applications, choosing a mechanics style grip ultimately comes down to trial and error and personal preference.

  • Goatskin Leather

    Goatskin Leather

  • Silicone


  • Mud Grip®

    Mud Grip®

  • PVC


  • Synthetic Leather

    Synthetic Leather

  • TP-X®


  • TP-X+®