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HexArmor with cut-resistant SuperFabric® inside

Just a single layer of breathable, dexterous, cut and puncture-resistant SuperFabric® brand material inside or outside your PPE protects against blades, wire, metal, glass, and more – we’ve prevented life-changing injuries and saved companies millions in medical expenses.

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Cut injuries can be prevented

Cut injuries make up a large portion of reported injuries in industrial workplaces, yet 70% can be prevented. Most SuperFabric® products provide ANSI/ISEA level A6 through A9 cut resistance, giving workers more elevated cut protection than typical woven PPE.

SuperFabric® cut ASTM-F2992-15 test

Unlike typical fiber-based safety gloves, HexArmor with SuperFabric® is designed to prevent hazards from puncturing through and ultimately penetrating the skin’s surface. Most SuperFabric® PPE maintains industry-leading A6 to A9 rated cut levels.

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Case study: Mission to ZERO cut injuries

One of the largest steel producers in the world was experiencing a dangerous amount of laceration injuries per year. Sharp edges, corners, and burrs on flat-rolled product, scrap, metal bending, and threaded pipe were ripping through existing PPE. After using HexArmor® with SuperFabric® products for just 12 months, this steel producer experienced:

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$1.8 million injury cost reduction with HexArmor®
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