Research & Development

Direct-print SuperFabric® Brand Material Technology

NXT™ products combine SuperFabric® brand material armor plating with our own proprietary blend of Coretek® performance fibers. The plating is bonded to the fibers, reducing the ability for the fibers to “window” or separate, preventing cut and jagged puncture hazards from reaching the user’s hand.

  • High performance on standard industry tests (exceeds Level 5 on ASTM F1790 and EN388)
  • Exceptional performance in real–world application testing – NXT™ doesn’t have the weaknesses of standard fiber knit products, which provide less protection from cuts and punctures when immobilized, under tension or load, or coated
  • Provides 12–14x more abrasion–resistance than fiber knit products, which means higher performance longer into the product’s life
  • UV stable, washable
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A picture is worth a thousand words, right? One look at the graphics below and it’s easy to see why NXT™ products keep you safer than standard knit gloves. TruShield® performance means you’re getting the highest rated hand shield on the market – armor for your hands.

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