HexArmor eyewear LT200 product overview

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The LT200 takes the classic look of traditional safety eyewear and kicks that classic style up a notch with innovative performance, protection and style.

The LT200 has a wide panoramic lens with integrated clear side protectors and brow guard that gives wearers ultimate protection plus an expansive field of vision to help reduce eye fatigue. The lens is also very flat across the spectrum of vision, ensuring your view is distortion-free.

LT200 frames use our proven German-engineered dual-injection molding technology for a combination of soft and hard components ensuring that you’re experiencing a secure, but pressure-free fit each time you put your eyewear on.

The side arms are flexible and adaptive with variable inclinations, fitting most face shapes comfortably without sacrificing coverage or protection. Side arms also fold flat for easy storage.

To help improve the climate around your eyes, there’s an enhanced ventilation-based eye chamber seal where air can circulate through effortlessly allowing you to stay comfortable during long periods of wear.

The LT200 is made in Germany and comes in a variety of tints and anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings. As with all HexArmor eyewear, the LT200 blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays.

HexArmor. We’re Safety. Redefined.

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