Video Transcription

When you need a dependable, complete coverage goggle that safeguards against liquids, dirt and debris while still maintaining optimal wearer comfort, the LT300 is your go-to.

The technology of the LT300 comes from decades of Alpine ski high-velocity performance, featuring a low-profile goggle design.

The LT300 has a panoramic lens giving wearers an expansive range of unrestricted vision. This lens offers incredibly high flexibility, enhancing its impact resistance. The lenses are spacious enough to wear over most prescription glasses.

The LT300 includes our proven German-engineered high comfort flex technology for a soft seal around the eyes that adapts to your face, pressure-free. The seal TPE substrate is medically neutral for those with allergy concerns, and offers ultimate impact protection as well when airborne or liquid hazards are present.

A wide, fully adjustable head strap keeps the LT300 fitting snug, without putting uncomfortable tension around your head. This strap can be easily removed and washed as well, if needed.

The LT300 is the ideal pair of complete coverage eyewear that you can wear with other types of PPE while performing your application, such as respirators and helmets.

An indirect ventilation system allows air to circulate in and out safely to help keep the interior environment around your eyes comfortable and cool.

The LT300 is made in Germany, is 100% metal-free, and comes in our Clear and Grey 23% tints and our TruShield and TruShield-S coatings. As with all HexArmor eyewear, the LT300 blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays.

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