Video Transcription

The MX200s is the slim-fit style of the MX200 offering the same safety, comfort and performance features of the MX200, but is ideal for those who need a narrower fit.

The MX200s has a rimless, wraparound lens design for a panoramic field of vision that helps reduce eye fatigue.

Our German-engineered dual-injection molding technology creates adaptive side arms that are rigid for safety, yet soft to the touch, for all day wear. This flexible technology forms to the shape of any head with a pressure-sensitive grip that doesn’t slip.

The contoured nose bridge helps with a well-balanced, easy fit.

The MX200s is made in Germany, is 100% metal-free, and comes in a variety of tints and anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings.

As with all HexArmor eyewear, the MX200s blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays.

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