Video Transcription

The perfect balance of maximum protection, comfort and style, the MX300 offers a modern wraparound style frame giving you an expansive, panoramic field of vision.

The MX300 differentiates itself with a soft, non-slip nose bridge and a malleable upper brow guard that provides increased protection from flying particles, dirt and dust while you’re on the job.

Proven, German-engineered technology delivers adaptive, soft grip side arms providing a low pressure, non-slip fit so you don’t have to worry about choosing between comfort or protection. [graphic: German engineered excellence]

The MX300 is made in Germany, is 100% metal-free, and comes in a variety of tints and our signature TruShield coating, which gives you permanent anti-fog on the interior of the lens and a scratch-resistant hard coat on the exterior of the lens. As with all

HexArmor eyewear, the MX300 blocks 100% of all harmful UV rays.

HexArmor. We’re Safety. Redefined.