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HexArmor® changed the landscape of hand safety when we redefined cut and puncture protection. We’re continuing this revolution in safety, starting with eyewear.

HexArmor® has joined one of the world leaders in safety lens and optical technology to bring you safety eyewear unlike anything in the (North American) market.

With combined design, engineering and manufacturing expertise supported by 90 years’ experience, we are proud to bring fundamentally different eyewear protection to you.

Introducing HexArmor® safety eyewear with our proprietary flow-coating process. A coating process that gives you the protection you need, where you need it the most.

With flow-coating, lenses are coated one side a time, allowing HexArmor® to deliver unique and separate protection on either side of the lens, depending on the wearer’s needs. This precise, specialized dual-coating process is exclusive to HexArmor® through our joint-venture, and is a first for the North American safety eyewear market.

Competitive safety eyewear uses a traditional dip-coating process. This process applies the identical coating to both sides of the lens and will inevitably compromise one protective property over the other.

Flow-coating allows us to offer a variety of protection options in different combinations for the front and back of the lens, not just a single coating. This ensures you can get the optimal coating protection that you need, where you need it, allowing you to excel while at work.

HexArmor® offers four unique combinations of TruShield™ permanent anti-fog and scratch resistant coating technology. It’s time to expect more from your safety eyewear.

To learn more, visit HexArmor®.com or give us a call.

HexArmor®. We’re safety. Redefined.