Video Transcription

HexArmor® changed the landscape of hand safety when we redefined cut and puncture protection. We’re continuing this revolution in safety, starting with eyewear.

HexArmor® has joined one of the world leaders in safety lens and optical technology to bring you safety eyewear unlike anything in the (North American) market.

With combined design, engineering and manufacturing expertise supported by 90 years’ experience, we are proud to bring fundamentally different eyewear protection to you.

Unique in chemistry, performance and application, HexArmor® safety eyewear coatings are truly different than anything available in North America.

Through our joint-venture, we pioneered a completely new concept in the Americas by using chemically-engineered permanent anti-fog coatings that do not wash off over time—leaving you with unbeatable performance that you don’t have to treat as disposable.

Our anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic, meaning moisture droplets quickly spread and absorb into the coating which acts like a microscopic sponge.

Competitive anti-fog coatings are hydrophobic and repel and spread moisture as it hits the lens.

This can be effective for a short period, but because hydrophobic anti-fog coatings are detergent-based, they wash off over time and become ineffective.

In a washing test, three popular anti-fog coatings shown here start to lose effectiveness even after the first wash.

Unlike traditional coatings, HexArmor® hydrophilic coatings are permanent. No matter how many times the lenses are washed, the anti-fog properties will last the lifetime of the eyewear.

It’ time to expect more from your safety eyewear.

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HexArmor®. We’re safety. Redefined.