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HexArmor® changed the landscape of hand safety when we redefined cut and puncture protection. We’re continuing this revolution in safety, starting with eyewear.

HexArmor® has joined one of the world leaders in safety lens and optical technology to bring you safety eyewear unlike anything in the (North American) market.

With combined design, engineering and manufacturing expertise supported by 90 years’ experience, we are proud to bring fundamentally different eyewear protection to you.

Introducing four completely unique, chemically-engineered coatings that behave like no other coatings on the market: TruShield™, TruShield™2F, TruShield™S and TruShield™2SF. Each coating has a unique formulated combination applied using proprietary flow-coating technology secured through our partnership, which allows for different coatings to be applied to each side of the lens.

All HexArmor® anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic, which causes fog moisture to hit the lens and absorb into the coating, eliminating fog immediately. This is a drastic change from the fog resistance you’re used to, and provides ultimate, and permanent, anti-fog properties that will not wash off over time. Traditional anti-fog coatings are hydrophobic and cause moisture to spread out as it hits the lens. Hydrophobic coatings are soap-based and begin washing off after the first cleaning.

HexArmor’s signature coating, our high performing TruShield™, delivers a permanent anti-fog interior and an extremely scratch-resistant hard coat exterior.

TruShield™ is a multipurpose coating, ideal for most industrial environments.

In addition to our signature TruShield™ coating, HexArmor® offers three additional application-specific coatings.

Our TruShield™2F coating delivers permanent anti-fog performance on both the interior and exterior of the lens. This specialized hydrophilic dual-coating is ideal for clean to moderately dirty work environments where workers transition from cold to hot or hot to cold. TruShield™2F coated lenses also provide long-lasting scratch-resistant properties.

For applications where there’s dirt and debris coupled with more sever fogging factors, TruShield™S is the answer. TruShield™-S dual-coated lenses deliver dual-action permanent anti-fog properties on the interior of the lens and a scratch-resistance hard coat on the exterior. When moisture hits the lens, it interacts with the coating by absorbing into it and spreading across the lens to prevent fogging.

HexArmor’s fourth coating, TruShield™2SF, is our specialized dual-action hydrophilic coating, with advanced anti-fog protection on both the interior and exterior of the lenses. TruShield™2SF is ideal for specific environments and applications, where there is constant environmental fogging.

It’s time to expect more from your safety eyewear.

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