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HexArmor® changed the landscape of hand safety when we redefined cut and puncture protection. We’re continuing this revolution in safety, starting with eyewear.

HexArmor® has joined one of the world leaders in safety lens and optical technology to bring you safety eyewear unlike anything in the (North American) market.

With combined design, engineering and manufacturing expertise supported by 90 years’ experience, we are proud to bring fundamentally different eyewear protection to you.

The right tint on your lenses can help lessen eye strain, fatigue and can increase clarity of vision.

Let’s take a look at the different tints that are available with HexArmor® safety eyewear and how to choose the one that’s right for you and your application.

The first, and probably most common tint, is Clear.

HexArmor® Clear tinted lenses offer 100% consistent optical clarity across the entire lens and are as close to natural vision as you can get. Clear lenses are ideal for most applications

If you’re consistently in situations where there is less than perfect lighting, you may want to consider the HexArmor® Amber tint.

Amber tint enhances contrast in poorly lit working conditions. By partially filtering out the blue end of the light spectrum, the Amber tint brightens and adds contrast to shapes and shadows by sharpening detail in challenging conditions that otherwise would be hard to discern, lowering the strain of focus on your eyes.

Amber lenses are typically used in poorly lit working environments including nighttime and early morning outdoor applications.

If color sensitivity is paramount in your application, the Amber tint is not the best choice for you, as it filters out some color and shifts some color from their natural state.

For environments with changing light conditions or if you’re moving indoors and outdoors frequently, the Silver Mirror tint with 53% light transmission is ideal. Silver Mirror 53% allows 53% of light to come through the lens, reducing the need to squint, which can cause strain and fatigue on your optical muscles.

The best choice for extremely bright environments or natural glare conditions is the Silver Mirror tint with 12% light transmission. Silver Mirror 12% allows only 12% of light to come through the lenses and is ideal for high glare conditions and prolonged sun exposure. This tint helps reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Lastly, let’s talk about the HexArmor® Grey tint.

Think of the Grey tint like your sunglass tint; this is used to consistently dim the brightness of surroundings without color distortion.

If you work in any outdoor environment with prolonged sun exposure, whether bright or partially sunny, Grey tint blocks natural glare and sun-glare so that you’re not putting constant strain on your eyes.

All HexArmor® safety eyewear protects from 100% of UV radiation and all HexArmor® safety eyewear lenses exceed CE standards for UV protection.

It’s time to expect more from your safety eyewear.

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