Video Transcription

In 2003 the safety industry was set on a new course. HexArmor entered the market with a needlestick-resistant glove that delivered on the promise of unparalleled safety. Equipped with interior layers of SuperFabric brand material, the glove was able to block and deflect needlestick hazards like no other.

This technology proved itself, growing into a full line of PPE, and HexArmor gained the trust of workers and safety managers across the globe. Finally, there was a solution to protect against the most dangerous hazards encountered on the job – blades, wire, metal, glass, and needles – preventing life-changing injuries and saving companies billions in medical expenses.

Through its proprietary finishing process, SuperFabric configures tiny guard plates onto performance fabrics. HexArmor utilizes variations of SuperFabric that are directly integrated into our highest-performing products through different patterns of cut/sewn and direct print technologies. These new protective fabrics are engineered for optimum resistance to abrasions, lacerations, punctures, and more, without sacrificing dexterity.

Products with our highest cut resistant SuperFabric have redefined the recognized standards for cut resistance. Pushing them beyond limits imagined just a decade ago.

SuperFabric is designed for cut, puncture and needle resistance, but it naturally delivers incredible abrasion resistance as well. In addition, we offer various highly-durable palm materials and the highest quality construction for longevity under harsh circumstances.

What started in a single industry with one glove, grew and expanded our safety line one industry at a time – working with people, side-by-side, day after day, to experience the kind of dangers and hazards they encounter. This helps us develop and perfect safety products workers actually need.

Our breakthroughs in materials, design, and functionality have changed the PPE landscape, and they continue to redefine the standards of safety in the industrial sector around the world.

HexArmor. We are Safety, Redefined.