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There are 300,000 eye injuries in the US every year. $300 million dollars is spent annually in the US on lost productivity, medical treatment, and workers’ compensation from eye related injuries.

Yet, companies are spending a combined $350 million dollars a year on safety eyewear. Where’s the disconnect?

Compliance. Because of uncomfortable nose bridges, bad design, subpar anti-fog coatings, tight side-arms, sharp edges, and rigid plastics… workers are constantly pushing glasses up on the top of their heads or down on their nose. Others are wearing eyewear, but there’s large gaps where dust and debris can get in.

If safety eyewear is unwearable, compliance becomes an issue.

At HexArmor, we believe it is possible to have safety eyewear that checks all the boxes:

  1. Comfort.

  2. Fit.

  3. Performance.

  4. Style.

We call this, WEARABILITY®.

The result is compliance, which is vital to your safety culture.

With HexArmor safety eyewear, wearability is designed into every product.


Compliance and wearability start with a proper fit. With proper fitting eyewear, there are no gaps along the top, bottom or sides of the glasses. The eyewear fits close to the face without hitting your eyelashes or creating pressure points. With a proper fit you’ll have unobstructed peripheral vision.


Comfortable eyewear is eyewear that’ll be worn. HexArmor’s proprietary dual and triple component molding combines hard and soft components for durability and comfort. Wearers experience minimal pressure on their nose, behind their ears or on the sides of their head.


Eyewear can fit well and be comfortable, but if the coatings don’t perform, compliance will still be an issue. Anti-fog performance is undeniably a safety feature. If lenses are fogging, they become a hazard in the workplace and workers will inevitably take them off. With every application being so different, just like one size frame does not fit all, one anti-fog coating doesn’t fit all, either. Someone working as a general contractor is going to need significantly different anti-fog protection than a worker who is running a paper mill machine.


Whether we like to admit or not, compliance and wearability can be directly correlated to style. We all want to look good and feel good, and it’s no exception with workers and their eyewear. With a full line of innovative designs, workers can feel safe and confident.

Wearability in PPE delivers the comfort, style and safety needed to keep workers wearing it. When wearability is the driving force – compliance becomes automatic.

It’s time to expect more from your eyewear.

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