EXT Rescue® 4012 saves workers hands

EXT Rescue® 4012 saves workers hands

Vehicle extrication rescue scenes can be dangerous to the first responders who are called to assist. It becomes increasingly important to choose proper hand protection in these situations, where lost time can mean life or death.

While responding to a two-vehicle accident with two entrapments, Lieutenant Kyle B of Fife Lake, MI was working on the removal of the driver’s side door to access one of the priority patients. Upon full removal, Kyle carried the door away from the crash scene, so the crew could continue with the extrication. When he went to set it down, the sharp edges of the recently cut hinges tore through the palm of his EXT Rescue® 4012 gloves.

“I felt it cut the outer liner but noticed it hadn’t gone all the way through. [I] continued to remove all the patients,” said Kyle.

Thanks to the SuperFabric® brand material that lines the palm and fingers of the 4012, Kyle was uninjured and able to complete the extrication.

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Though the exterior layer of synthetic leather was torn by the laceration hazard, the SuperFabric® remained uncompromised.

“I have to say, I am very impressed with the gloves. After having them for over a year, and using them on many accidents, they are one of the best gloves I have used. They are very comfortable and still have the dexterity needed for intricate tasks.”

HexArmor® EXT Rescue® gloves are built with SuperFabric® brand material in the palm and fingertips, hidden underneath the outermost layer.

  • Superfabric® brand materials are built into HexArmor® PPE, enabling it to exceed the highest level of cut protection available, level A9 and CE Cut level 5.
  • The most advanced HexArmor® impact resistance comes with all the dexterity, all the comfort, and more of the protection offered by any other impact-protective glove on the market:
  • Our proprietary IR-X® technology shields our gloves with a full back-of-hand exoskeleton, so every joint and knuckle is protected from debilitating blows.

If an unexpected hazard meets the glove, the SuperFabric® layer works as a last line of defense to keep the user safe. SuperFabric® brand material is a protective fabric with superior resistance against cuts, lacerations, and punctures while providing a superior foundation for maintaining dexterity.

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