Integrated PPE solution solves multiple issues | Utilities safety

Integrated PPE solution solves multiple issues | Utilities safety

Because utility companies work to maintain infrastructure for public use, such as gas, electricity, and more, several kinds of PPE are used to help ensure their workers are safe on the job – from gloves to safety eyewear to safety helmets. HexArmor® believes the best PPE is the kind that works together.

See how our integrated approach was able to help a utility company with not one, but four solutions at their worksite.

The problem

A utility company specializing in solar and wind power generation carried out several tasks involving working with wire, material handling, handheld tools, and working at height. Because of this, they were looking for a lightweight glove that met at least an A4 cut resistance requirement and provided abrasion protection, a solid grip, and dexterity.

After contacting us via our website and connecting on the phone, the HexArmor® representative was able to discover additional issues going on at the worksite besides the need for gloves, including fogging safety eyewear.

The cost vs. quality of their current eyewear was dismal, and with temperatures in the field getting up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, consistent fogging issues from body heat were a huge problem, especially when coupled with new facemask requirements. This was causing productivity to be low.

The solution

To address the need for gloves, the Helix® 2076 was trialed by the contractors on-site. This ended up being a great option for most of the 500 employees due to the versatility of the glove; the comfortable, dexterous fit, and A6 cut protection worked across most of their applications.

Helix® 2076 safety glove

To address the fogging safety eyewear issues with their safety eyewear, they started trialing a variety of HexArmor’s safety eyewear, eventually choosing the MX300 and VS250 safety glasses in Clear and Grey.

MX300 safety eyewear

Both included HexArmor’s TruShield® dual-action coating with permanent anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings.

The employees loved the new options; not only were they lightweight, comfortable, and available in multiple tints, but all fogging issues were eliminated!

VS250 safety eyewear

“They were a hit with the guys, and we definitely want to use these products going forward,” said a quality control employee at the utility company.

The result & feedback

Because of the success of the first trial, the company began a second trial with HexArmor’s Ceros® XP250 safety helmets, as they were looking for a vented safety helmet option with a brim. They also wanted the ability to attach earmuffs and straps to keep the helmet from falling off due to working at height in some areas.

The option to open and close vents was a huge selling point for their employees who travel between warm and cold sites or work in inclement weather, especially in the heat. During the trial on a particularly hot day, employees decided to put the helmet to the test.

With some wearing the HexArmor® safety helmets and others wearing the previous helmet brands they’d been using in the field, they used a temperature gun on the inside and outside of the helmets after wearing them for the same amount of time.

The HexArmor® helmet was 10 degrees cooler when checked against both the MSA and Honeywell safety helmets on a day averaging over 110 degrees!

Ceros® XP250 safety helmet

I have gotten very good feedback, and we are going to use this style helmet [moving forward] for our engineers on-site,” said a quality control employee.

In speaking about the adaptability of the vented safety helmet, the quality control employee continued, “Working on top of a wind turbine in the winter is miserable if you can’t close a vented helmet. [The vents] help present a one-product solution for all employees across our business.”

Ceros® XP250 safety helmets come complete with HexVent® technology, a unique airflow system that moves air front to back, giving the wearer a cool sensation while in natural motion over the course of the day. Vents can be opened and closed to control the amount of airflow or to prevent dust and debris from entering when needed – a North American safety industry first.

All HexArmor® products can be used together for an integrated, performance-driven PPE system – giving workers the most comfortable and effective solution in the heat.

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