October 23, 2014

When temperatures drop, don’t let your safety record take an unexpected nose dive.

Workers in cold climates are susceptible to skin rashes, frostnip, frostbite, loss of motor skills, and hypothermia, which can lead to more serious injuries like loss of extremities. Cold weather can also lead to an increase in overall injuries due to loss of feeling in hands which can result in more instances of dropped tools, smashes, slices and pinches.

Wet hands can also increase the likelihood of a cold stress-related injury because water pulls heat away from the body 25 times faster than air, making wet hands more susceptible to freezing.

HexArmor® offers a full line of cold weather work gloves so you can stay safe this winter.

For cool temps, check out the Thin Lizzie™ Thermal 2091. This combines our most popular knit with impact glove, the Thin Lizzie™ 2090, with an interior fleece lining for comfort and insulation.

When the temperature drops further, try one of our gloves that feature C40 Thinsulate™ and our H2X waterproof liner®: The Rig Lizard® Arctic 2023, with a specialized TP-X® palm grip, the GGT5® Arctic Gator 4031 designed for tough oil and gas applicatoins, and the comfortable, light-duty Hex1® Arctic 2123.

Need something warmer? Our two new Rig Lizard® Arctic gloves – the TP-X®+ Palm 2026 and Leather Palm 2033 – both use C100 Thinsulate™ and our waterproof H2X® liner.

For even colder conditions, try the Arctic Mitt 4050 that features a waterproof and breathable Hipora® liner and G150 Thinsulate™, which provides warmer properties than the popular C200 Thinsulate™ by up to 10%. The Arctic Mitt 4050 cold weather work glove also includes a removable interior mitt for easy cleaning.

Contact a HexArmor® Solution Specialist today to discuss your cold weather hand safety needs.

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