May 6, 2020

When your PPE isn’t performing properly, you notice. Discomfort, dirty lenses, and fogging can be difficult to work in during long hours on the job, and worse – improper fit or maintenance can put you at risk of injury. The number one reason for scratched lenses and inadequate anti-fog protection is improper cleaning, with the second being poor handling and storage.

To help ensure your HexArmor® safety goggles are comfortable, high-performing, and long-lasting for as long as possible, initiating proper fit, care, and cleaning makes all the difference.

How to Fit Your Safety Goggle

Step 1: Place the safety goggle on the face with one hand

Step 2: While holding safety goggle in place, bring the headband over and to the back of the head with the other hand

Step 3: Adjust headband to your head size

Step 4: Check the seal for gaps by running your index fingers around the seal. Pay close attention to the nose area. Additionally, if your goggles are able to accommodate prescription glasses underneath, check that the side arms don’t break the seal.

Proper Care and Cleaning

Take a moment to think about how you clean and care for your safety goggles, then take a look at the do’s and don’ts for HexArmor® eyewear below.

The Don’ts

  • Do not: use silicone-based cleaners
  • Do not: use hand sanitizer to clean lens
  • Do not: use your shirt to rub lens clean
  • Do not: use your saliva to clean the lens
  • Do not: use anti-fog sprays and wipes 

Some of these options will cause detriment to the protective lens coatings, inadvertently scratch your lenses and/or leave a film over your lenses, which defeats the purpose of why you were trying to clean them in the first place.

The Do’s

Instead, try these options to help you properly clean and care for your safety eyewear. Depending on how dirty your lenses are, there are several options.

  • Do: lightly blow off any loose dirt or debris from lens
  • Do: use a soft microfiber cloth or eyewear-approved tissue to clean the lens
  • Do: rinse your lenses with cool water and wipe clean with lens-safe tissue
  • Do: spray eyewear-specific cleaning solution from HexArmor® directly onto the lens and wipe clean with lens-safe tissue
  • Do: store eyewear in a secure spot like a locker or pouch; never in your pocket

Please note: If using HexArmor® safety eyewear, only use HexArmor® cleaning products to clean lenses. This is essential to preserving the performance of TruShield® anti-fog coatings.

Following these steps will help you increase the longevity and usefulness of your safety goggles. If you have questions or comments, please contact us.

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