March 28, 2014

Cold weather glove liners do more than just add an extra layer between your hands and the elements. Certain liners can provide higher degrees of warmth, greater dexterity, additional protective qualities, and different levels of comfort. At HexArmor® we are consistently redeveloping our technologies to meet the industries changing safety needs.


Quality Materials Combined with High-Performance Designs
Our cold weather liner, the C40 Thinsulate, is made of a high-quality material developed to handle cold temperatures and high activity. According to 3M, the manufacturer of the C40 Thinsulate™, the liner offers “about one and a half times the warmth of down and nearly twice the warmth of high loft fiberfill insulation when equal thicknesses are compared.”  The material is thin and compressible, providing higher levels of dexterity and comfort. The Thinsulate also has breathable and moisture-resistant qualities, and it’s launderable.


A High Activity Liner, How it Works
The C40 Thinsualte™ is a high-activity liner designed to perform well on hands frequently in motion. Normal liners can cause hands to sweat and become overheated, but because of the thinness of the C40 Thinsulate™ it offers optimum warmth when hands are active, without overdoing it.

It is important to analyze the temperatures in which you will be working and to correctly identify the type of glove and liner necessary for your environment. Being aware of environmental factors like humidity, altitude, wind speed, and duration of exposure are crucial to staying safe when temperatures drop. Also, keep in mind that your body may be different than your fellow worker, and this can affect how you handle cold temperatures. Gender, metabolism, activity level, and your size can impact your resistance to the cold.


HexArmor® Cold Weather Solutions

HexArmor® has designed a variety of cold weather gloves purpose-built to handle tough applications by providing more than just cold weather resistance. The Rig Lizard® Arctic 2023, the GGT5® Arctic 4031, and the Hex1® Arctic 2123 all feature a C40 Thinusalte™ for cold weather comfort. 

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