• Compatible with XP250, XP250E, XP450A, XP450AE, XP250IES
  • Seamless integration with Click-and-Go® magnetic face shields, K1M Magnet Earmuffs, and K2M Magnet Earmuffs
  • Easy attachment
  • Comes standard with the XP Magnetic Face Shield Kit
  • North American safety industry first

The easiest way to attach your Ceros® Click-and-Go® face shield and earmuffs

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Quick attachment process

Easily attach to your safety helmet for use with HexArmor’s revolutionary magnetic accessories, a North American safety first.

Purpose-built for Ceros® safety helmets

Compatible with all Ceros® safety helmets, helping you build a complete magnetic accessory system no matter your helmet preference.

Easy integration, ultimate protection

Seamlessly integrate your safety helmet system with Click-and-Go® magnetic face shields, K2M Magnet earmuffs, or both for the ultimate package in head protection.

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Ceros® safety helmet brochure

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Your guide to building a safety helmet program

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