• Supplied as standard with XP200, XP250, XP200E, XP250E, XP450A, XP450AE
  • Pre-assembled into Ceros® XP safety helmets in the United States
  • Ultrasonically welded straps
  • SwiftLock™ one-hand-turn wheel ratchet
  • Removable, moisture-resistant, synthetic leather sweatband
  • 360-degree head ring comfort
  • Learn more about HexArmor® safety helmet technologies here

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Premium comfort and construction

Six-point suspension system is constructed of ultrasonically welded soft polyester straps that help eliminate discomfort and weakness caused by stitched fabric.

Tighten or loosen with ease

Changing your safety helmet sizing is simple and easy with the SwiftLock® one-hand-turn wheel ratchet system, bringing convenience to a new level.

Removable, launderable sweatband

Get full 360-degree head-ring comfort with a moisture-resistant, easily replaceable, and coated synthetic leather sweatband, plus replacement wheel ratchet padding.

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Ceros® safety helmet brochure

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