• Highest needlestick resistance available is provided by the layering of SuperFabric®* brand material
  • Tested using actual 25 gauge needles against ANSI/ISEA 105 standard
  • Highest level of cut resistance on noted enhanced areas, ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A7 and Needlestick Level 3 at the fingertips
  • Neoprene cuff with hook and loop closure for a secure fit
  • Back-of-hand knuckle padding for incidental bumps & impacts
  • Silicone palm pattern for enhanced durability and grip
  • Touchscreen compatible 
  • Form-fitting design for increased dexterity and comfort
  • Launderable
  • Learn more about SuperFabric® needle-resistant technology here
4045-XS (6)812013024672
4045-S (7)815733010680
4045-M (8)815733010697
4045-XXL (11)815733010727
4045-XXXL (12)815733013681
4045-XL (10)815733010710
4045-L (9)815733010703

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SuperFabric® brochure

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Law enforcement brochure

Dealing with the effects of  a needlestick injury
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Dealing with the effects of a needlestick injury

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