• Meets ANSI Z89.1 standard, Type 1, Class C safety helmet
  • Kinetix® suspension delivers superior impact-absorbing performance
  • Strategically placed, premium back-of-head impact foam protects against slips and falls
  • Comfortable, firmly riveted four-point chin strap (Watch video on how to adjust chin strap)
  • Short brim for greater visibility
  • Vented for better climate control
  • SwiftLock® one-hand-turn wheel ratchet with adaptable back-of-neck support cradle
  • Premium head ring with ear-to-ear synthetic suede sweatband
  • Compatible with easy-to-integrate Click-and-go® magnetic accessories
  • High performance in both hot and cold climates
  • Customize with company logo, reflective elements, and more
  • Meets EN12492 clauses for shock absorption to front, rear, and sides (,,; penetration (4.2.2); and retention system (4.1.3, 4.2.3, 4.2.4)
  • Learn more about HexArmor® safety helmet technologies here
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You've never seen a safety helmet like this before

See the XA250 safety helmet in action

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Never-before-seen suspension system

Includes Kinetix® suspension technology that's nearly two-times safer than ANSI/ISEA requirement for impact force transmission in Type 1 safety helmets.

Premium back-of-head impact foam

Strategically placed, premium impact foam located in the back of the helmet helps stop slip and fall nuisance injuries – a new safety market feature.

Climbing-style chin strap

Comfortable, firmly riveted four-point chin strap for working at-height keeps safety helmet in place during an impact or a fall.

Kinetix® works like a machine to keep you safe

Just as a machine controls the direction and motion of a force, Kinetix® suspension system technology flexes into action when an impact occurs, reducing the impact by diverting the force away from the head and neck.

kinetix machine

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