Anti-fog protection in safety eyewear: Essential with a face mask

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Wearing safety eyewear while also using a face shield, face mask, and/or respirator can cause the lenses to fog up due to low air circulation or diverted airflow, leading to severe or continuous fogging issues.

Sound familiar? What you may not know – or know too well – is not only the frustration fogging causes but the productivity and compliance issues that come along with it.

So how can you avoid it?

To ensure your safety eyewear remains fog-free, superior anti-fog technology is key. HexArmor’s industry-leading TruShield® lineup of anti-fog coatings has two specific varieties to help keep your vision clear in these specific situations, TruShield®S and TruShield®2SF.

Truly permanent anti-fog technology

Chemically engineered to not wash off, HexArmor’s proprietary anti-fog coatings are fundamentally different from competitors – that’s because all HexArmor® anti-fog coatings are hydrophilic, which causes fog moisture to hit the lens and absorb into the coating eliminating fog quickly and efficiently (see visual below).

Hydrophilic Explained

This is a drastic change from the fog resistance that you’re used to as most competitive anti-fog coatings are hydrophobic, which causes moisture to spread out as it hits the lens instead of dissipating. Once several moisture droplets start to congregate, fogging occurs. Hydrophobic coatings are also detergent-based and start washing off after the first cleaning.

Learn more about the differences here.

Unrivaled protection with a face mask - and beyond

HexArmor’s flow-coating application technology provides an anti-fog coating that is consistent, clear, uniquely bonded to the lens, and up to four times thicker than dip-coated alternatives.

Exclusive to HexArmor®, this flow-coating process also allows different TruShield® coating configurations to be applied to either side of the lens, giving the wearer more specific, quality protection where they need it most.

This precise, specialized dual-coating process is a first for North American safety eyewear.

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By contrast, most competitive safety eyewear is dip-coated. This uneven, thinner coating is the result of a technique where identical coatings are applied on both sides of the lens, which sacrifices the quality of one protective property over the other (scratch resistance vs. fog protection mixed together, diluting both).

We recommend TruShield®S and TruShield®2SF to help keep your vision clear in severe and/or continuous fogging situations.

HexArmor TrueShield Anti-Fog Coating TruShield 2SF & S Explained

Proper cleaning and care

Because HexArmor® uses fundamentally different coatings on all of our safety eyewear, proper cleaning must be done to ensure long-lasting performance - and it may be different than what you're used to.

First, lightly blow off any loose dirt or debris and then run your eyewear under cool water – HexArmor eyewear is engineered to have excess dirt cleanly wash off the lens without sticking. Next, spray the cleaning solution from the HexArmor® eyewear lens cleaning station directly onto the lens, and then use the lens-safe tissue to wipe clean.

If you’re not immediately putting the safety eyewear back on, store them in a secure spot or protective pouch, never put unprotected eyewear in your pocket.

Not sure what you need? HexArmor® can help

There are several factors to consider when choosing which anti-fog coating is right for you.

Plus, all of HexArmor's safety eyewear is Z87+ approved, so you know you're getting the best eye protection on the market - see our safety eyewear technology.

Let us know if you need help - our Solution Specialists are ready to work with you. Call 1-877-MY ARMOR or send us a message.

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