Helix® 1092 product overview

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Introducing the German-engineered Helix Series 1092 seamless coated gloves.

While it’s obviously important to wear safety gloves on the job, wearing gloves around moving drills or machinery can at times create an accidental hazard. That’s precisely why the Helix Series 1092 exists.

The 1092 features HexArmor’s Safe Finger Release Technology for those applications that involve drilling or moving parts. If the glove accidentally gets caught in a piece of moving machinery, the tip of the glove will tear off, allowing you to pull your hand away quickly - keeping your finger safe from injury.

In addition to the Safe Finger Release Technology, the 1092 has a 3D ergo fit for ultimate dexterity and tactility on the job.

The high-performance nylon blend shell of the 1092 gives the glove flexibility and movement while still providing a high level of abrasion resistance. The silicone-free foam nitrile palm coating also provides superior abrasion resistance and a solid grip that’s ideal for dry or oily situations.

We’re also proud to say that the 1092 is ProDerm certified which means that the Skin Health Alliance has awarded this glove professional accreditation for being safe for sensitive skin.

If you have any questions about the Helix Series 1092, please contact us.

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