April 25, 2017

As a safety manager, it’s your job to make sure that employees are working as safely as possible. While none of your workers want to get hurt, issues like comfort, fit, feel, and dexterity can lead workers to forgo PPE, creating compliance issues.

Speaking specifically to protective eyewear, there’s no question that compliance is a significant issue, as much existing safety eyewear is uncomfortable, restrictive, fogging, ineffective, and looks…well, pretty bad. Not to mention that it’s often treated as “one size fits all.” These issues and more lead to non-compliance, which in turn, leads to injuries.

Consider the facts:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in the US, 2,000 work-related eye injuries happen every day. Three out of five injuries happen because safety eyewear isn’t being worn or because improper eyewear is being worn at the time of the injury. We also know that up to 50% of injuries are not reported, meaning a worker is suffering an eye injury every 36 seconds!

The solution? Designing every piece of safety eyewear with wearability in mind.  Wearability® is the perfect balance of comfort, fit, performance and style.

Before purchasing safety eyewear, you need to address these four things:


Safety eyewear needs to be comfortable, with no pressure points on workers’ nose bridge, against the sides of their head or behind their ears. 


It’s important to find eyewear that:

  • Fits close to the face without gaps
  • Fits securely on your head without pressure behind the ears, on the nose, or on the sides of your head.
  • Stays in place when moving head up and down and side-to-side
  • Allows for full, unobstructed peripheral vision

One size does not fit all, so if you or your workers can’t check all the boxes, try on another style until you find the perfect fit.


Performance starts with wraparound, wide vision lenses are essential to reduce “blind spots,” excellent optical quality to help reduce eye fatigue and headaches. When it comes to anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings, not only must the coatings perform, but you need to be able to have the confidence that the coatings won’t stop performing, no matter how many times they’re washed.


Obviously, you want to look and feel good in your PPE; and safety eyewear is no exception. And who can blame you? It’s human nature. Confidence in style is a big factor in wearability and compliance.

The bottom line is this: when wearability is designed into the frames, workers keep safety eyewear where it should be, in front of their face and over their eyes.  It’s possible for workers to have high-performing, comfortable, properly fitting glasses that keep out dust and debris, even without the use of a gasket.

HexArmor’s safety eyewear line offers complete, consistent, wearable protection across the board. We're committed to high-comfort design and technology, permanent anti-fog coatings that do not wash off, uncompromised scratch-resistance, and complete protection no matter the task -- all factors that will positively affect compliance.

Have questions on how HexArmor Safety Eyewear will help with compliance in your workplace? Reach out to one of our Safety Solutions Specialists at 1-616-459-4144 or info@hexarmor.com.